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Russia – Россия


Заповедники России и волки
Russian reserves (Zapovedniks) and wolves

Gray Wolf (Canis lupus)
Eurasion Wolf (Canis lupus lupus)
Tundra Wolf (Canis lupus albus)
Russian Wolf (Canis lupus communis)
Steppe Wolf (Canis lupus campestris)
Caspian Sea Wolf (Canis lupus cubanensis)
Tibetan Wolf (Canis lupus filchneri)
Mongolian Wolf (Canis lupus chanco)

Population Statistics [unknown 30,000?]
демографическая статистика

Legal Status; No protection. Heavily hunted all year.
легальное положение

Министерство природных ресурсов и экологии Российской Федерации

Association Lupus Laetus (Biostation Christy Lee, Tver region, Russia)
Biodiversity Conservation Center (Moscow,  Russia)
WWF (Moscow, Russia)

News Resources & Publications
новостные ресурсы и публикации

Russian Zapovedniks

самые последние новости

Wolf and Wildlife News from Russia

Journal Articles

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[PDF] The Wolf in the USSR
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