The British broadcaster BBC refers to Russian researchers and reports that 10 animals were identified in two districts of the district in 2007, compared to four last year. The trend is obvious. The decline in the number of wolves is caused by food shortages and hunting. However, it is too early to raise a serious alarm, because forest animals are very difficult to enumerate, and the population of these predators in Russia as a whole is not in danger.

Representatives of the World Wide Fund for Nature also call for winter and snow to be expected when it is easier to detect the presence of animals. Experts with humor also add that special attention is paid to the wolf population in Tambov in connection with a Soviet film made in the 1950s. In it, the main character expressed a phrase that later became popular throughout the country – “Tambovsky volk tvoi tovarišč” or “Tambov wolf is your companion”.

via Only 2 wolves are registered in the Tambov region of Russia | Baltics News