The Wolf Intelligencer

"When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe." John Muir

Population Statistics

United States / Canada / Europe / Russia / Asia / Middle East / Africa / Mexico

United States
Number of gray wolves: Alaska, 8,000-11,000; 48 contiguous states, 5,500
Number of red wolves: 100 – 130
Population trend: Increasing
Legal status: A mixture of Federal protection with some exceptions and state management

Number of wolves: 8,000 – 11,000
Population trend: Stable/slightly increasing
Legal status: State managed

Number of wolves: 50 in a shared population of 109 with New Mexico (2015)
Population trend: Varies depending on status of new releases
Legal status: Federal protection, with some exceptions. Recovery Program

Number of wolves: 8; 1 breeding pair, five yearlings, 1 lone wolf.
Population Trend: Increasing
Legal Status: Protected under the federal Endangered Species Act and the California Endangered Species Act

Number of wolves: No known established packs.
Population trend: Anticipated
Legal status: As decided by the The Colorado Wolf Management Plan Working Group

Number of wolves: 786 wolves, 108 packs, 33 breeding pairs
Population trend: Increasing
Legal status: Not federally protected, state managed; Idaho Department of Fish and Game

Number of wolves: Approximately 650, including 2 on Isle Royale (April 2016)
Population trend: Increasing (facing extinction on Isle Royale)
Legal status: Endangered, federally protected. (as of December 19, 2014)

Number of wolves: Approximately 2,200-2,300 (2015)
Population trend: Stable
Legal status: federally protected as “threatened” (as of December 2014)

Number of wolves: Minimum count 536; 32 breeding pairs. (2015)
Population trend: Stable/Increasing
Legal status: State managed by Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks

Number of wolves: No known wolves
Population trend: Possible/Probable
Legal status: Endangered

New Mexico
Number of wolves: 47 (2015)
Population trend: Precarious/Dependent
Legal status: protected under the Endangered Species Act

Number of wolves: 110, 11 breeding pairs
Population trend: Increasing
Legal status: Managed by ODFW Wolf Plan

Number of wolves: no known established
Population trend: Inevitable
Legal status: State Managed apart from a small northern area bordering Wyoming and Idaho

Number of Wolves:at least 90 wolves, 18 packs, 8 breeding pairs (2015)
Population trend: Increasing
Legal status: In western 2/3’s protected under ESA, east WA-state managed; Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

Number of Wolves: approximately nearly 900; in 222 packs (2016)
Population trend: Stable/increasing
Legal Status: protected under Endangered Species Act, since 2014

Number of wolves: 328 (end of 2015)
Population trend: Increasing
Legal status: protected under Endangered Species Act (September 2014)


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