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Afghanistan – افغانستان

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Gray Wolf (Canis lupus)
Eurasion Wolf (Canis lupus lupus)
خړ لېوه

Population Statistics [1,000? unknown]
نفوس احصایې

Legal Status; The species now receives legal protection in Afghanistan, having been listed by the Afghan Government on the country’s 2009 Protected Species List. This prohibits all hunting and trade of C. lupus within Afghanistan. ICUN Red List
قانوني دريځ

National Environmental Protection Agency
د ژوند چاپیریال ساتنی ملی اداره

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خبري سرچینو او خپرونو

تر ټولو وروستۍ خبري

Journal Articles

Large mammals surviving conflict in the eastern forests of Afghanistan. Stevens K, Dehgan A, Karlstetter M, Rawan F, Tawhid MI, Ostrowski S, Ali JM, Ali R. Oryx. 2011 Apr;

War and wildlife: a post-conflict assessment of Afghanistan’s Wakhan Corridor. Mishra C, Fitzherbert A. Oryx. 2004 Jan



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