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Kyrgyzstan – Кыргызстан

Afghanistan / Armenia / Azerbaijan / Bahrain / Georgia / Jordan / Kazakhstan / Kyrgyzstan / Iran / Iraq / Israel / Lebanon / Oman / Pakistan / Palestinian TerritoriesSyria / Saudi Arabia / Tajikistan / Turkmenistan / Turkey / United Arab Emirates / Uzbekistan / Yemen

Gray Wolf (Canis lupus)
Eurasion Wolf (Canis lupus lupus)

Population Statistics [Unknown, rough estimate 4,000]
калктын статистикасы

Legal Status; No protection.
юридикалык статус


The Christensen Fund (Bishekek 72001, Kyrgyz Republic)
World Wildlife Fund Kyrgyzstan
Snow Leopard Trust

Kyrgyzstan News Resources & Publications
маалымат ресурстары жана басма-сөз
Kabar (Kyrgyzstan)
Азаттык (Kyrgyzstan)

акыркы кабар

Journal Articles

Large carnivores and low diversity of optimal prey: a comparison of the diets of snow leopards Panthera uncia and wolves Canis lupus in Sarychat-Ertash Reserve in …
K Jumabay-Uulu, P Wegge, C Mishra, K Sharma – Oryx, 2014

[HTML] The effect of rapid social changes during post-communist transition on perceptions of the human-wolf relationships in Macedonia and Kyrgyzstan
N Lescureux, DJC Linnell – Pastoralism: Research, Policy and …, 2013

Local people’s perceptions of forest biodiversity in the walnut fruit forests of Kyrgyzstan
G Jalilova, H Vacik – … of Biodiversity Science, Ecosystem Services & …, 2012

… the necessity of a new interactive approach integrating ethnology, ecology and ethology in the study of the relationship between Kyrgyz stockbreeders and wolves
N Lescureux – Social science information, 2006

De-development in eastern Kyrgyzstan and persistence of semi-nomadic livestock herding JD Farrington – Nomadic Peoples, 2005



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