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Recovery of a species through natural movement into an area, not influenced by human intervention.

The act or process of restoring threatened or endangered species to a non-threatened or non-endangered status.

The release of a species into an area that was part of their probable historic geographic range, but from which they have declined or disappeared, for the purpose of establishing a new wild population.

Rendezvous Site
An above ground area, usually open and near water, where pups are taken when they are old enough to leave the birth den. The wolves gather there to sleep, play and eat. Wolves may move from one rendezvous site to the next until the pups are old enough to accompany the adults on their hunts and travels.

Resource dispersion hypothesis; This theory holds that food quantity and distribution is the primary cause and determinant of group size (D. W. Macdonald 1983; von Schantz 1984).