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North America & EUROPE / RUSSIA / AFRICA

United States of America

International Wolf Center (Ely, Minnesota)
California Wolf Center (near Julian, California)
Wolf Mountain Sanctuary (Lucerne Valley, California)
Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center (Divide, Colorado)
Wolf Education and Research Center (Winchester, Idaho)
Wolf Park (Battle Ground, Indiana)
Wolf Hollow (Ipswich,  Maine)
Endangered Wolf Center (Eureka, Missouri)
Wolf Sanctuary of Pennsylvania (Lititz, Pennsylvania)
Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary (Ramah, New Mexico)
Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center (Scottsdale, Arizona)
Eagle Tail Mountain Wolf Sanctuary (Tonopah, Arizona)
United States Wolf Refuge (Sparks, Nevada)
Big Run Wolf Ranch (Lockport, Illinois)
Wolf Conservation Center (South Salem, New York)
The Wolf Education & Research Center (Winchester, Idaho)
St. Francis Wolf Sanctuary (Montgomery, Texas)
Wolf Haven International (Washington State)

Find Captive Breeding Facilities specifically for the Mexican Gray Wolf


Northern Lights Wolf Center (Golden, British Columbia)




Wolf Science Center (Leiser Berge preserve, Austria)


Le Parc Alpha
Situé à proximité du parc national du Mercantour, Alpha s’étend sur dix hectares. Il a été conçu comme un outil pédagogique, dans le but de réconcilier les hommes avec les loups.
(Located close to the Mercantour National Park, Alpha covers ten hectares. It was designed as an educational tool, in order to reconcile men to wolves.)

Le Parc Des loups du Gévaudan
Le parc des Loups du Gévaudan se trouve à Sainte-Lucie, dans la vallée de l’Enfer. Sur les 20 hectares consacrés aux loups.
(The Gevaudan Wolves Park is located in St. Lucia, in the Hell Valley. Of the 20 hectares devoted to wolves).

Le Parc de Courzieu
Ce parc de 20 hectares, situé dans les monts du Lyonnais, est dédié à la fois aux rapaces et aux loups. Il s’est spécialisé dans les spectacles : une façon amusante de découvrir ces animaux.
(This 20-hectare park, located in the mountains of Lyonnais, is dedicated to both raptors and wolves).

La Maison des Loups
Niché au fond de la vallée de l’Oriège, ce parc boisé de 6 hectares accueille ses visiteurs dans 4 territoires différents. Ils sont dédiés aux loups Mackenzie, d’Europe, du Canada, et aux louveteaux.
(Nestled at the Oriège Valley, this 6 hectare wooded park welcomes visitors in four different territories).


Wolfspark Werner Freund
Wolfspark Werner Freund is a wolf sanctuary spread over 25 acres in western Germany; Merzig, Germany. It is home to 29 wolves — six distinct packs hailing from Europe, Siberia, Canada, the Arctic, and Mongolia.

Wolf Center
The Wolf Center makes it for the population publicity about wild wolves, the self propagating again in Germany. Here, the staff team shows the many visitors to the Wolf Center on the opportunities, risks and challenges posed by wild wolves with it.

Alternativer Wolf- und Bärenpark Schwarzwald
The Foundation for Bears consists primarily of a bear. For wolves and lynxes it also stands up. The Foundation maintains two bear parks, the alternatives Bear Park Worbis in Thuringia, which is available since 1996 and the alternatives Wolf and Bear Park Black Forest.

Wildpark Bad Mergentheim


Vucjak Shelter & Wolf Sanctuary
Vucjak Shelter & Wolf Sanctuary was first founded in 1997. It was established as a Shelter to provide assistance to Street dogs in Vucjak Serbia and to provide them with food, shelter and medical care. It has since evolved into a Wolf Sanctuary when Dejan became aware that the local Serbian wolf was been trapped and kept and then used for canned hunts for profit, where hunters would pay to have the opportunity to shoot them.


Grupo Lobo
The Iberian Wolf Sanctuary sits on over 40 acres of native trees, including cork, and adjoins the 2400- acre Tapada de Mafra, the historic summer palace of the Kings of Portugal and today a magnificent preserve with native deer, wild Boar and two additional wolves.

United Kingdom

UK Wolf Conservation Trust
(Butlers Farm, Beenham, Reading, Berkshire, United Kingdom)


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