The Wolf Intelligencer

"When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe." John Muir


USA / Canada / Mexico  / Europe / Asia

United States of America

Alaska Wildlife Alliance (Alaska)
Wolf Song of Alaska  (Alaska)

Grand Canyon Wolf Recovery Project (Flagstaff, Arizona)
Center for Biological Diversity (Multi-State, Tucson, Arizona)
Wild Earth Guardians (Tucson,AZ; Denver, CO; Missoula, MT; Santa Fe, NM; Portland, OR)

Earthjustice (Hq. San Francisco, California)
Wildlife Conservation Network (San Francisco, California)
Sierra Club California (find chapter)
EPIC Environmental Protection Information Center (Arcata, California)
Project Coyote (Larkspur, California)

Howl Colorado  (Colorado)
Mission :Wolf  (Westcliffe, Colorado)

The Wolf Recovery Foundation  (Pocatello, Idaho)
Living With Wolves (Sun Valley, Idaho)
Advocates for the West (Boise, Idaho; Portland, Oregon)
Friends of the Clearwater (Moscow, Idaho)

Iowa Chapter Sierra Club

The Maine Wolf Coalition-Northeast Wolf Recovery (South China, Maine)

Keep Michigan Wolves Protected (Lansing, Michigan)

Howling For Wolves (Hopkins, Minnesota)
Northwoods Wolf Alliance (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
Conservation Breeding Specialist Group (Apple Valley, Minnesota)

Wild Sentry: Northern Rockies Ambassador Wolf Program (Hamilton Montana)
People and Carnivores(Bozeman, Montana)
Wilderness Watch (Missoula, Montana)
National Wolfwatcher Coalition (Duluth, Montana)
Yellowstone Park Foundation (Bozeman, Montana)
Keystone Conservation (Bozeman, Montana)

New Hampshire
New Hampshire Wolf Alliance (Rumney,New Hampshire)

New Mexico
Lobos of The Southwest (Las Cruces, New Mexico)
The Rewilding Institute (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

North Carolina
Red Wolf Coalition (Columbia, North Carolina)

Predator Defense (Eugene, Oregon)
BARK (Portland, Oregon)
Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project (Fossil, Oregon)
Hells Canyon Preservation Council (Le Grande, Oregon)
Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center (Ashland, Oregon)
Oregon Chapter Sierra Club (Oregon State)
Oregon Wild (Portland, Oregon)

Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance
Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
Utah Environmental Congress
Southwest Wildlife Foundation, Inc.

National Wildlife Federation (Reston, Virginia)

Washington State
Conservation Northwest (Bellingham, Seattle, Washington)
Pacific Wolf Coalition (Washington, Oregon, California)
Gifford Pinchot Task Force (Vancouver, WA)
Washington Chapter Sierra Club (Washington State)

Washington DC
Defenders of Wildlife Headquarters, Washington DC)
Endangered Species Coalition (Washington DC)

Timber Wolf Information Network (Wisconsin)

Wyoming Untrapped (Jackson, Wyoming)
Wyoming Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit (Laramie, Wyoming)

World Wildlife Fund (United States of America) (find office)
Western Wolves (Western United States Coalition)
Western Watersheds Project (Tucson, AZ; Reseda, Ca; Boise, ID; Missoula, MT; Portland, OR; Pindale, WY)
Pacific Wolf Coalition (Washington State, Oregon, California)
Cascadia Wildlands (Eugene, Oregon; Cordova, Alaska)
Western Environmental Law Center (Eugene, Oregon; Helena, Montana; Taos. New Mexico)
National Parks Conservation Association (United States)
Natural Resources Defense Council (United States)
Wildlands Network (Seattle,WA; Durham, NC; Essex, NY; Washington DC; Portal, AZ)

Wolf Clan of North America (Quebec, Canada)
Assoc. for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals (APFA)(Vancouver, BC)
Wolves Ontario (Toronto, Ontario)
Just Beings Wolf Conservation (Golden, British Columbia)

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