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No place like home? A test of the natalhabitat-biased dispersal hypothesis inScandinavian wolves.R. Soc. open sci.5: 181379; Sanz-Pe ́rez A, Ordiz A, Sand H,Swenson JE, Wabakken P, Wikenros C,Zimmermann B, A ̊kesson M, Milleret C. 2018

[HTML] Data to model risks for recolonizing wolves in Scandinavia through the integration of territory presence and human-driven mortalities
MR Recio, B Zimmermann, C Wikenros, A Zetterberg… – Data in brief, 2018 – Elsevier

Integrated spatially-explicit models predict pervasive risks to recolonizing wolves in Scandinavia from human-driven mortality; Mariano Rodríguez Recio, Barbara Zimmermann, Camilla Wikenros, Håkan Sand; Article (PDF Available)  in Biological Conservation 226:111-119 · October 2018

Mobility of moose—comparing the effects of wolf predation risk, reproductive status, and seasonality. Wikenros C, Balogh G, Sand H, Nicholson KL, Månsson J. Ecology and evolution. 2016 Dec

Sarcoptic mange in the Scandinavian wolf Canis lupus population; Boris Fuchs, Barbara Zimmermann, Petter Wabakken, Set Bornstein, Johan Månsson, Alina L Evans, Olof Liberg, Håkan Sand, Jonas Kindberg, Erik Olof Ågren, Jon Martin Arnemo
Article (PDF Available)  in BMC Veterinary Research 12(1) · July 2016

Estimating wolf (Canis lupus) population size from number of packs and an individual based model; Guillaume Chapron, Camilla Wikenros, Olof Liberg, Petter Wabakken, Øystein Flagstad, Cyril Milleret, Johan Månsson, Linn Svensson, Barbara Zimmermann, Mikael Åkesson,Håkan Sand; Article in Ecological Modelling 339:33-44 · November 2016

Prey Selection of Scandinavian Wolves: Single Large or Several Small?
Håkan Sand, Ann Eklund, Barbara Zimmermann, Petter Wabakken
Article (PDF Available)  in PLoS ONE 11(December 2016):1-17 · December 2016

Wolves, people, and brown bears influence the expansion of the recolonizing wolf population in Scandinavia
A Ordiz, C Milleret, J Kindberg, J Månsson… – …, 2015 – Wiley Online Library

Ulven som rovdyr på klauvvilt i Skandinavia
Zimmermann, Barbara; Sand, Håkan; Wabakken, Petter; Wikenros, Camilla; Eriksen, Ane; Strømseth, Tomas H.; Holen, Frode Gjerløv; Maartmann, Erling; Ahlqvist, Per; Arnemo, Jon Martin; Milleret, Cyril; Liberg, Olof; Pedersen, Hans Christian;
Chapter (PDF Available) · January 2014

Predator-dependent functional response in wolves: From food limitation to surplus killing; Barbara Zimmermann; Håkan Sand; Petter Wabakken; Olof Liberg; Harry Peter Andreassen; Article (PDF Available)  in Journal of Animal Ecology 84(1) · August 2014

Behavioral responses of wolves to roads: Scale-dependent ambivalence; Barbara Zimmermann, Lindsey Anne Nelson, Petter Wabakken, Håkan Sand, Olof Liberg
Article (PDF Available)  in Behavioral Ecology 25(6) · October 2014

Multistage, Long‐Range Natal Dispersal by a Global Positioning System‐Collared Scandinavian Wolf; PETTER WABAKKEN, HÅKAN SAND, ILPO KOJOLA, BARBARA ZIMMERMANN, JON M. ARNEMO, HANS, C. PEDERSEN, OLOF LIBERG
Article (PDF Available)  in Journal of Wildlife Management 71(5):1631 – 1634 · December 2010

Wolf Movement Patterns: a Key to Estimation of Kill Rate?; BARBARA ZIMMERMANN, PETTER WABAKKEN, HÅKAN SAND, HANS C. PEDERSEN, and OLOF LIBERG; Article in Journal of Wildlife Management 71(4):1177 – 1182 · December 2010

Encounter frequencies between GPS-collared wolves (Canis lupus) and moose (Alces alces) in a Scandinavian wolf territory; Ane Eriksen, Petter Wabakken, Barbara Zimmermann, Harry P. Andreassen, Jon M. Arnemo, Hege Gundersen, Jos M. Milner, Olof Liberg, John Linnell, Hans C. Pedersen, Håkan Sand, Erling J. Solberg, Torstein Storaas;Article (PDF Available)  in Ecological Research 24(3):547-557 · September 2009

Wolf predation on moose and roe deer: chase distances and outcome of encounters
C Wikenros, H Sand, P Wabakken, O Liberg… – Acta Theriologica, 2009 – Springer

Summer kill rates and predation pattern in a wolf-moose system: Can we rely on winter estimates?; Sand H, Wabakken P, Zimmermann B, Johansson O, Pedersen HC, Liberg O.; Article (PDF Available)  in Oecologia 156(1):53-64 · June 2008