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"When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe." John Muir

Pakistan – پاکستان

Gray Wolf (Canis lupus)
Indian/Iranian Wolf (Canis lupus pallipes)
Tibetan Wolf (Canis lupus filchneri)

Population Statistics [Accurate account unknown, but probably a decreasing population due to habitat loss and heavy persecution.]
آبادی کے اعداد و شمار

Legal Status; unknown, some protection
قانونی حیثیت

Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency (Pak-EPA)

Pakistan Wildlife Foundation, (Islamabad, Pakistan)
Wildlife Conservation Society Pakistan

Pakistan News Resources & Publications
خبر کے وسائل اور مطبوعات
ڈان کیڈان کی

LATEST PAKISTAN NEWSسب سے زیادہ حال ہی میں خبر

Wolf and Wildlife News from Pakistan

Journal Articles

Status and Magnitude of Grey Wolf Conflict with Pastoral Communities in the Foothills of the Hindu Kush Region of Pakistan. Khan TU, Xiaofeng L, Ahmad S, Mannan A, Khan W, Khan AA, Khan BU, Din EU, Bhattarai S, Shah S, Saeed S. Animals. 2019 Oct;

[HTML] Assessment of bias in morphological identification of carnivore scats confirmed with molecular scatology in north-eastern Himalayan region of Pakistan
F Akrim, T Mahmood, T Max, MS Nadeem, S Qasim… – PeerJ, 2018 –

[PDF] Invertebrates and vertebrates fauna of district, Karak, KP, Pakistan
S Noureen, N Khatoon, SU Gul, HU Rehman, S Khan… – 2018

[HTML] Habitat suitability and movement corridors of grey wolf (Canis lupus) in Northern Pakistan; M Kabir, S Hameed, H Ali, L Bosso, JU Din, R Bischof… – PloS one, 2017 –

Livestock depredation by large predators and its implications for conservation and livelihoods in the Karakoram Mountains of Pakistan
MZ Khan, B Khan, MS Awan, F Begum – Oryx, 2018 –


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