The Wolf Intelligencer



Ecoregions of Manitoba

Mid-Continental Canadian forests, Midwestern Canadian Shield forests, Northern Canadian Shield taiga, Southern Hudson Bay taiga, Western Great Lakes forests, Canadian aspen forests and parklands ,Northern mixed grasslands, Northern tall grasslands, Low Arctic tundra

Wolves in Protected Areas of Manitoba
Wolves in Riding Mountain National Park
Wapusk National Park
Grass River Provincial Park
Whiteshell Provincial Park
Basket Lake Wildlife Management Area

Caribou Herds in Manitoba
Boreal Woodland CaribouWabowden, Wapisu, Owl-Flintstone, Atiko, Bloodvein, Owl Lake, Aikens Lake, North Interlake, Kississing-Naosap

Barren -Ground Caribou – Qamanirjuaq

forest-tundra ecotypes – Pen Island, Cape Churchill

Gray Wolf (Canis lupus)
Northwestern Gray Wolf (Canis lupus occidentalis)
Great Lakes Boreal Wolf (Canis lupus x Canis lycaon)
Eastern Timber Wolf (Canis lycaon or Canis lupus lycaon)

Population Statistics [4,000- 6,000 estimate]

Reconstructing the summer diet of wolves in a complex multi-ungulate system in northern Manitoba, Canada. Moayeri, M., 2013

Legal Status; Game species throughout.

Manitoba Government
Parks Canada Riding National Park
Water Stewardship and Biodiversity Division
Manitoba Government – Predator Attacks on Livestock Information
Manitoba Government – Sustainable Development – Boreal Woodland Caribou
Manitoba Government (Wildlife and Fisheries) – The Endangered Species and Ecosystems Act.
Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba
“Manitoba’s Provincial Forests” (PDF). Manitoba Forestry Branch – Publications. Government of Manitoba.
“Ecological Reserves”. Government of Manitoba.

International Wolf Center – Manitoba
Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society: Manitoba (Canada)

Manitoba / Canadian News Resources & Publications
Manitoba Co-operator (Winnipeg, Manitoba, CA)
ChrisD (Winnipeg, Manitoba, CA)
Thompson Citizen (Thompson, Manitoba, CA)
Winnipeg Sun (Winnipeg, Manitoba, CA)
CBC NewsManitoba (Manitoba, CA)
The Winnipeg Free Press (Winnipeg, Manitoba)


Wolf and Wildlife News from Manitoba

Journal Articles

[PDF] Influence of disturbance and potential predator effects on the persistence of boreal woodland caribou (Rangifer tarandus caribou) in Manitoba
D Schindler – 2018

Impacts on declining moose populations in southeastern Manitoba. Shura C, Roth J. Proceedings of Manitoba’s Undergraduate Science and Engineering Research. 2018 Apr

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