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Hudson Bay Wolf (Canis lupus hudsonicus)


Hudson Bay Wolf (Canis lupus hudsonicus) – (Goldman 1941)

Common Names: Hudson wolf, Boreal Wolf, Tundra wolf, Northwestern wolf, Mackenzie River wolf, Yukon wolf, Alaska Tundra wolf

Original range – Native to northwestern coast of Hudson Bay and northern Keewatin.
Current range – Canada, west of Hudson Bay from Northern Manitoba through the Northwest Territories, sometimes migrating south in the winter with the caribou herds.

“The distinction between the ecotypes corresponds to the southern limit of migratory caribou ranges and the ecological boundary between boreal forest and tundra-taiga habitats (Carmichael et al. 2007,Musiani et al. 2007). Boreal forest wolves, the forest ecotype, maintain year-round territories and associate themselves with resident ungulate prey such as boreal woodland caribou (Rangifer tarandus caribou), moose (Alces alces), and deer (Odocoileus spp.) (Musiani et al. 2007). Wolves inhabiting ranges overlapping migratory barren-ground caribou (R.t. groenlandicus) are known as the tundra/taiga ecotype, as they undertake long distance migrations with barren-ground caribou, their primary food source (Kuyt 1972,Williams 1990), to and from their summer grounds in the tundra and wintering areas in the taiga (Musiani et al. 2007).”

Reconstructing the summer diet of wolves in a complex multi-ungulate system in northern Manitoba, Canada. Moayeri, M., 2013

Habitat / Ecology/ Prey:
Habitat – boreal, coniferous forests, muskeg, coastal wetlands, tundra
Preycaribou (Rangifer tarandus), boreal woodland caribou (Rangifer tarandus caribou; forest-dwelling ecotype), moose (Alces alces), bison (Bison bison), white tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus), beaver

Interesting behaviors:

Legal and Cultural Background:

Trapline Districts “RTL” – Manitoba


Taxonomic/Genetic Information:


Further Reading

Journal / Scientific Publications:

Goldman, E. A. (1941), Three new Wolves from North America, Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington, 54: 109- 113

Genetic Characterization of Hybrid Wolves across Ontario; Paul J. Wilson Sonya K. Grewal Frank F. Mallory Bradley N. White; Journal of Heredity, Volume 100, Issue suppl_1, 1 July 2009, Pages S80–S89,
Published:12 June 2009


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