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Gray Wolf (Canis lupus)
Great Lakes Boreal Wolf (Canis lupus x Canis lupus lyacon)
Eastern Timber Wolf (Canis lycaon, Canis lupus lycaon)

Population Statistics   nearly 900; in 222 packs (2016), 905 – 944: in 238 packs  (2017-2018), 914 – 978;  in 243 packs (2018-2019)

Legal Status; protected under Endangered Species Act (September 2014)

US Fish and Wildlife Service (Gray Wolves in the Western Great Lakes)
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Canid Howl Program

University of Wisconsin–Madison’s Carnivore Coexistence Laboratory
Ma’iingan Relationship Plan

Timber Wolf Information Network (Wisconsin)
Friends of The Wisconsin Wolf & Wildlife
International Wolf Center – Wisconsin
The Nature Conservancy – Wisconsin
Aldo Leopold Foundation
Cedar Lakes Conservation Foundation
Sierra Club – Wisconsin John Muir Chapter

Wisconsin News Resources & Publications
On Wisconsin (UW – Madison, Wisconsin)
The Cap Times (Madison, Wisconsin)
Wisconsin State Journal (Madison, Wisconsin)
Wisc News (Baraboo, Beaver Dam, Portage, Wisconsin)
WIFC (Wausau, Wisconsin)
Wisconsin Public Radio (Wisconsin)
Journal Sentinel (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)


Wolf and Wildlife News from Wisconsin

Journal Articles

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