Wolf Species

Grey Wolf  (Canis lupus)


Eurasion Wolf (Canis lupus lupus) – NOMINATE SUBSPECIES (Linnaeus 1758)
Tundra Wolf (Canis lupus albus) – (Kerr 1792)
Indian/Iranian Wolf (Canis lupus pallipes) – (Sykes 1831)
Steppe Wolf (Canis lupus campestris) – (Dwigubski 1804)
Arabian Wolf (Canis lupus arabs) – (Pocock 1934)
Italian Wolf (Canis lupus italicus)(Altobello, 1921)
Iberian Wolf (Canis lupus signatus) – (Cabrera 1907)
Himalayan/Tibetan Wolf (Canis lupus filchneri) – (Gray 1863)
Mongolian Wolf (Canis lupus chanco)
Domestic Dog (Canis lupus familiaris)– (Linnaeus 1758)

Extinct Old World Subspecies
Hokkaido Wolf (Canis lupus hattai) – (Kishida 1931)
Japanese Wolf (Canis lupus hodophilax) – (Temminck 1839)


Arctic Wolf (Canis lupus arctos)  – (Pockock 1935)
Mexican Wolf (Canis lupus baileyi ) – (Nelson and Goldman 1929)
Great Plains Wolf (Canis lupus nubilus) – (Say 1823)
Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf (Canis lupus irremotus) – (Goldman 1937)
Labrador Wolf (Canis lupus labradorius) – (Goldman 1937)
Alexander Archipelago Wolf (Canis lupus ligoni) – (Goldman 1937)
-syn. British Columbia Wolf (Canis lupus columbianus) – (Goldman 1941)
-syn. Vancouver Island Wolf (Canis lupus crassodon) – (Hall 1932)
Northwestern Wolf (Canis lupus occidentalis) – (Richardson 1829)
-syn. Hudson Bay Wolf (Canis lupus hudsonicus) – (Goldman 1941)
-syn. Mackenzie River Wolf (Canis lupus mackenzii) – (Anderson 1943)
-syn. Yukon Wolf (Canis lupus pambasileus) – (Elliot 1905)
-syn. Alaskan tundra Wolf (Canis lupus tundrarum) – (Miller 1912)
Baffin Island Wolf (Canis lupus manningi) – (Anderson 1943)
Greenland Wolf (Canis lupus orion) – (Pocock 1935)

Extinct New World Subspecies

Manitoba Wolf (Canis lupus griseoalbus) – (Baird 1858)
Kenai Peninsula Wolf (Canis lupus alces) – (Goldman 1941)
Newfoundland Wolf (Canis lupus beothucus)- (G. M. Allen and Barbour, 1937)
Bernard’s Wolf (Canis lupus bernardi) – (Anderson 1943)
Cascade Mountain Wolf (Canis lupus fuscus)- (Richardson 1839)
Mogollon mountain Wolf (Canis lupus mogollonensis)- (Goldman 1937)
Texas Wolf (Canis lupus monstrabilis)- (Goldman 1937)
Southern Rocky Mountain Wolf (Canis lupus youngi) – (Goldman 1937)


Eastern Wolf – Algonquin Wolf (Canis lycaon, Canis lupus lycaon) – (Schreber 1775)
Dingo ( Canis dingo, Canis lupus dingo) – (Meyer 1793)
Himalayan/Tibetan Wolf (Canis himalayensis) – (Brian Houghton Hodgson)
Indian Wolf (Canis indica)

Extinct and Taxonomically Challenged
Florida black Wolf (Canis rufus floridanus) – (Miller 1912)

RED WOLF  (Canis rufus)

Red Wolf (Canis lupus rufus, Canis rufus)  – (Audubon and Bachman)
Gregory’s Wolf (Canis rufus gregoryi) – (Goldman 1937)


African Golden Wolf (Canis anthus)- (Cuvier 1820)
Algerian Wolf (Canis anthus algirensis) – (Wagner 1841)
Senegalese Wolf (Canis anthus anthus) – (Cuvier 1820)
Serengeti Wolf (Canis anthus bea)- (Heller 1814)
Egyptian Wolf (Canis anthus lupaster)- (Hemprich and Ehrenberg, 1833)
Variegated Wolf (Canis anthus soudanicus) – (Thomas, 1903)

ETHIOPIAN WOLF (Canis simensis)

Northern Ethiopian Wolf (Canis simensis simensis) NOMINATE SUBSPECIES(Rüppell, 1840)
Southern Ethiopian Wolf (Canis simensis citernii) – (de Beaux, 1922)

Honorary to the list..,.

Common Raven (Corvus corax)