The Wolf Intelligencer

"When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe." John Muir


Northwest Territories / Nunavut / Yukon / British Columbia / Alberta / Saskatchewan / Manitoba / Ontario / Quebec / Labrador & Newfoundland / Nova Scotia

Gray Wolf (Canis lupus)
Loup Gris (Francais)
Labrador Wolf (Canis lupus labradorius)
Great Lakes Boreal Wolf (Canis lupus x Canis lycaon)
Eastern Timber Wolf (Canis lycaon or Canis lupus lycaon)

Population Statistics [7,000 estimate]
Statistiques Démographiques

Legal Status; Game species throughout except for very small federal areas.
Statut Légal; Espèces de gibier.

Forêts, Faune et Parcs Quebec
Sépaq Network Quebec

La Clan des Loups d’Amerique du Nord

Quebec / Canadian News Resources & Publications
Ressources et des Publications
Le Devoir (Quebec, Canada)
Radio Canada International (Montreal, Quebec)
Le Journal de Montreal (Montreal, Quebec)
La Presse (Canada)


Journal Articles

Recent occurrences of wild-origin wolves (Canis spp.) in Canada south of the St. Lawrence River revealed by stable isotope and genetic analysis
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Caribou avoiding wolves face increased predation by bears–C aught between S cylla and C harybdis
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Cumulative effects of forestry on habitat use by gray wolf (Canis lupus) in the boreal forest
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