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Wolf 1084MAs recently as last fall, the animal that’s making headlines as the first Colorado wolf in four years was wandering one of the most remote and wild landscapes left in the Lower 48 states.

It was the closing days of October when a pilot contracted by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department pinged 1084M with his Snake River Pack mates in the willow complex not far from Hawk’s Rest, a craggy mountain overlooking the Upper Yellowstone River that’s famous for its location — as far as one can get from a road in the Lower 48.

The 3-year-old black male lobo with a still-functional tracking collar then headed east over the vast, rugged Absaroka Range, entering the winter in the South Fork of the Shoshone River drainage.
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Six new wolf pups born in Mount Hood area of Western Oregon

Six new wolf pups were born to the White River Pack this year, according to footage from a trail cam put up by biologists with the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs and shared by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

The White River Pack is located just southeast of Mount Hood and east of popular Timothy Lake. With five members in 2018, it was one of the few confirmed packs in Western Oregon, along with southwest Oregon’s Rogue Pack.
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Inslee Breaks With State Officials, Opposes Removing Protections for Gray Wolf

CN) – Washington Governor Jay Inslee revealed his opposition Wednesday to the Trump administration’s plan to remove gray wolves from the federal Endangered Species List – contradicting the position of the state’s Fish & Wildlife director, who also Wednesday announced the state will kill two federally protected wolves because they hunted cattle grazing on public land.

“Governor Inslee does not support a nationwide proposal that delists gray wolves from the federal endangered species list in all of the lower 48 states because there are many areas where wolves have not yet been recovered,” Inslee spokeswoman Jessie Payne said in an email (bold in original).
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Je volk nevaren človeku ali človek volku?


Kljub temu obstajajo določene, sicer izjemno redke okoliščine, v katerih pa bi tudi volk lahko postal nevaren za človeka. Glavni razlog za to je steklina. Podobno kot druge živali in ljudje tudi volkovi, ki so oboleli za steklino, spremenijo svoje vedenje in postanejo agresivni do vseh drugih bitij.

Steklina pri volkovih v Sloveniji sicer do zdaj še ni bil odkrita. Druga možnost nevarnosti so križanci med psi in volkovi. Križanci v primerjavi z volkovi pogosto nimajo prirojenega strahu pred ljudmi in zato večkrat prihajajo v stik s človekom. Za večino tistih nekaj znanih primerov, ko je volk napadel človeka in so o tem poročali iz tujine, je bila kriva steklina ali pa križanci s psi.
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Pup fostering gives genetic boost to wild Mexican wolves

ALBUQUERQUE – It’s a carefully planned mission that involves coordination across state lines – from Mexican gray wolf dens hidden deep in the woods of New Mexico and Arizona to breeding facilities at zoos and special conservation centers around the U.S.

It’s also about timing, as wolves in the wild and those in captivity need to be having pups at the same time to ensure a smooth transition.

Pups born within a couple days of each other are the best candidates for a fostering program that aims to get more pups out of captivity and into the wild in hopes of boosting the genetic diversity of the endangered species.
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