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Gray Wolf (Canis lupus)
Iranian Wolf (Canis lupus pallipes) AKA Indian, Asiatic Wolf
Steppe Wolf (Canis lupus campestris)

Population Statistics [Unknown, probably very compromised by habitat loss, unregulated hunting and loss of prey]
آمار جمعیت

Legal Status; No protection.
وضعیت حقوقی

Ministry of Environment EPA / سازمان حفاظت محیط زیست

Organizations سازمان های  
The Persian Wildlife Heritage Foundation (PWHF) بنیاد میراث حیات وحش فارسی

Middle East News Resources & Publications
منابع خبری
Iran’s Environmental News

ترین اخبار اخیر

Journal Articles

Crop variety and prey richness affect spatial patterns of human-wildlife conflicts in Iran’s Hyrcanian forests
L Meinecke, M Soofi, M Riechers, I Khorozyan… – Journal for Nature …, 2018

Tourism and nature conservation: A case study in Golestan National Park, Iran
S Ghoddousi, P Pintassilgo, J Mendes, A Ghoddousi… – Tourism Management …, 2018

Livestock grazing in protected areas and its effects on large mammals in the Hyrcanian forest, Iran
M Soofi, A Ghoddousi, T Zeppenfeld, S Shokri, M Soufi… – Biological Conservation, 201

Wolves can suppress goodwill for leopards: Patterns of human-predator coexistence in northeastern Iran; MS Farhadinia, PJ Johnson, LTB Hunter… – Biological Conservation, 22 August 2017