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"When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe." John Muir

Iran – ایران

Wolves in National Parks and Protected Areas
Bakhtegan National Park
Bamu National Park
Golestan National Park
Kavir National Park
Kolah Ghazi National Park
Lar National Park
Tandoureh National Park
Salouk National Park
Sarigo National Park
Sorkheh Hesar National Park
Khojir National Park
Naybandan Wildlife Sanctuary
Miandasht Wildlife Refuge
Miankaleh Wildlife Refuge

Gray Wolf (Canis lupus)
Iranian Wolf (Canis lupus pallipes) AKA Indian, Asiatic Wolf
Steppe Wolf (Canis lupus campestris)

Population Statistics [Unknown, probably very compromised by habitat loss, unregulated hunting and loss of prey]
آمار جمعیت

Legal Status; No protection. Some potential compensation considered.
وضعیت حقوقی

Ministry of Environment EPA / سازمان حفاظت محیط زیست

Organizations سازمان های  
The Persian Wildlife Heritage Foundation (PWHF) بنیاد میراث حیات وحش فارسی

Middle East News Resources & Publications
منابع خبری
Iran’s Environmental News

ترین اخبار اخیر

Wolf and Wildlife News from Iran – ایران

Journal Articles

Parasitic helminth infections of dogs, wolves, foxes, and golden jackals in Mazandaran Province, North of Iran. Siyadatpanah A, Pagheh AS, Daryani A, Sarvi S, Hosseini SA, Norouzi R, Boundenga L, Tabatabaie F, de Lourdes Pereira M, Gholami S, Nissapatorn V. Veterinary World 2020 Dec

An Innovative National Insurance Model to Mitigate the Livestock–Leopard Conflicts in Iran. Sanei A, Teimouri A, Abad RA, Saeida S, Taheri S. InResearch and Management Practices for Conservation of the Persian Leopard in Iran 2020

[HTML] Annotated checklist and conservation status of mammals of Fars Province, southern Iran; F Zarei, S Kafaei, HR Esmaeili – Journal of Threatened Taxa, 2019

Crop variety and prey richness affect spatial patterns of human-wildlife conflicts in Iran’s Hyrcanian forests
L Meinecke, M Soofi, M Riechers, I Khorozyan… – Journal for Nature …, 2018

Tourism and nature conservation: A case study in Golestan National Park, Iran
S Ghoddousi, P Pintassilgo, J Mendes, A Ghoddousi… – Tourism Management …, 2018

Livestock grazing in protected areas and its effects on large mammals in the Hyrcanian forest, Iran
M Soofi, A Ghoddousi, T Zeppenfeld, S Shokri, M Soufi… – Biological Conservation, 2017

Interspecific killing between wolves and golden jackals in Iran. Mohammadi A, Kaboli M, López-Bao JV. European journal of wildlife research. 2017 Aug

Wolves can suppress goodwill for leopards: Patterns of human-predator coexistence in northeastern Iran; MS Farhadinia, PJ Johnson, LTB Hunter… – Biological Conservation, 22 August 2017

Spatial risk model and mitigation implications for wolf–human conflict in a highly modified agroecosystem in western Iran. Behdarvand N, Kaboli M, Ahmadi M, Nourani E, Mahini AS, Aghbolaghi MA. Biological Conservation. 2014 SepSave


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