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Nepal – नेपाल


Wolves in protected areas of Nepal
Annapurna Conservation Area
अन्नपूर्ण संरक्षण क्षेत्र
Kanchenjunga Conservation Area
कंचनजंगा संरक्षण क्षेत्र

Gray Wolf (Canis lupus)
Tibetan Wolf (Canis lupus filchneri)
Himalayan wolf ( Canis himalayensis)
Indian Wolf (Canis lupus pallipes)

Population Statistics [unknown]
जनसंख्या तथ्याङ्क

Legal Status; The species is protected under the National Parks and Wildlife Conservation Act, 1973 of the Government of Nepal and listed as Critically Endangered in the National Red List (Jnawali et al. 2011).
कानुनी स्थिति

नेपाल सरकार   वन तथा भू-संरक्षण मन्त्रालय   राष्ट्रिय निकुञ्ज तथा वन्यजन्तु संरक्षण विभाग (Kathmandu, Nepal)
Government of Nepal, Ministry of Forests and Soil Conservation, Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation

The Himalayan Wolves Project
National Trust for Nature Conservation’s Annapurna Conservation Area Project (Lalitpur, Nepal)
Nepal | UK Wolf Conservation Trust – The UK Wolf Conservation Trust

News Resources & Publications
समाचार स्रोतहरू र प्रकाशनहरू
The Himalayan Times (Kathmandu, Nepal)
Kathmandu Post

हालैको समाचार

Wolf and Wildlife News from Nepal – नेपाल

Journal Articles

on observations of packs and home sites in Nepal. Werhahn G, Kusi N, Sillero-Zubiri C, Macdonald DW. Oryx. 2019 Oct

Understanding Public Perceptions to Carnivores: Examining Communities in Upper Mustang, Nepal; A Upraity – 2019

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Distribution of grey wolves Canis lupus lupus in the Nepalese Himalaya: implications for conservation management; SA Subba, AK Shrestha, K Thapa, S Malla, GJ Thapa… – Oryx, 2017

Distribution of grey wolves Canis lupus lupus in the Nepalese Himalaya: implications for conservation management. Subba SA, Shrestha AK, Thapa K, Malla S, Thapa GJ, Shrestha S, Shrestha S, Subedi N, Bhattarai GP, Ottvall R. Oryx. 2017 Jul

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[PDF] Status and Trend of Human Wildlife Conflict: A Case Study of Lelep and Yamphudin region, Kanchenjunga Conservation Area, Taplejung
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