The Wolf Intelligencer

"When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe." John Muir


Washington / Oregon / California / Alaska

Gray Wolf (Canis lupus)
Northwestern Gray Wolf (Canis lupus occidentalis)
Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf (Canis lupus irremotus)

Population Statistics  2 packs (Feb 2020)

Legal Status; Protected under the federal Endangered Species Act and the California Endangered Species Act.

U S Fish and Wildlife Service (Grey wolves in Northern Rocky Mountains)
California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Earthjustice (Hq. San Francisco, California)
Wildlife Conservation Network (San Francisco, California)
Sierra Club California (find chapter)
EPIC Environmental Protection Information Center (Arcata, California)
Project Coyote (Larkspur, California)
Western Wolves (Western United States Coalition)
Western Watersheds Project (Tucson, AZ; Reseda, Ca; Boise, ID; Missoula, MT; Portland, OR; Pindale, WY)
Pacific Wolf Coalition (Washington State, Oregon, California)

California News Resources & Publications
The Press Democrat (Santa Rosa, California)
The Siskiyou Daily News (Yreka,  California)
The Sacramento Bee (Sacramento, California)
San Francisco Chronicle (San Francisco, California)


Journal Articles

Recolonizing Gray Wolves (Canis lupus) in Northern California: Preliminary Analysis of Suitable Areas for Reoccupancy. Nickel T, Walther S. Natural Areas Journal. 2019 Aug

[PDF] Livestock Protection Tools for California Ranchers
R BALDWIN, T SCHOHR, M Counties, R INGRAM…University of California




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