Romania to kill bears, wolves after rise in attacks

Romania on Monday said it would kill or relocate 140 bears and 97 wolves following a rise in the number of attacks on humans, sparking outrage from animal rights groups.The measures aim to “prevent important damages and protect public health and safety”, the environment ministry said in a statement.A government-appointed commission of scientists backed the move, saying that it did not “endanger the conservation of these two species”.The decision to let the authorities carry out the killings also “prevents trophy hunting”, according to the experts.But the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) strongly denounced the measure and blamed the issue on deforestation.

Source: Romania to kill bears, wolves after rise in attacks

Denmark’s wolves not as big and bad as their reputation – The Post

A pair of wolves that have established themselves in western Jutland have been accused of being behind 65 attacks on domestic animals.However, new research shows that only 15 of the attacks can be laid at the door of the wolves, DR Nyheder reports.

Source: Denmark’s wolves not as big and bad as their reputation – The Post

BBC Radio 4 – Today, Should wolves be reintroduced to the countryside?

Two projects aimed at rewilding the British countryside by reintroducing the wolf and the lynx are raising concerns among landowners.The Wildwood Trust in Devon is raising wolf cubs with the aim of reintroducing them to the Scottish highlands. A separate conservation group says it’s about to apply for permission to reintroduce the Lynx to the Kielder Forest on the Scottish-English border.Our correspondent Nicola Stanbridge reports on the growing divisions between conservationists and landowners.

Source: BBC Radio 4 – Today, Should wolves be reintroduced to the countryside?

El Congreso protege al lobo | Ciencia y tecnología | Cadena SER

El Congreso de los Diputados ha aprobado una Proposición no de Ley en la que, por primera vez, se declara al lobo ibérico como especie protegida en toda España.Además, con los votos a favor de todos los grupos menos el PP y la abstención de Ciudadanos y el PNV, el texto aprobado insta al Ministerio de Agricultura y Medio Ambiente a iniciar con urgencia los trámites para la declaración del lobo como especie estrictamente protegida en toda España.Según los grupos ecologistas, como el WWF o Ecologistas en Acción, esta iniciativa supone un paso adelante histórico para asegurar la adecuada conservación del lobo en nuestro país.

Source: El Congreso protege al lobo | Ciencia y tecnología | Cadena SER

Returning to reintroduction – The Courier

I have always been reluctant to use this column to respond to readers’ letters, which are themselves responses to something I have written. After all, I have got my retaliation in first.Nor do I have a problem when readers disagree with me. Debate is healthy, the lifeblood of a newspaper like this one. I like to hear the dissenting voice when it is well informed and thoughtfully considered.But the reason I chose to return to the wolf this week is that I do have a problem when facts have not been permitted to interfere with the presentation of that counter-argument.

Source: Returning to reintroduction – The Courier

Great migration: Female wolf found to have travelled 500km to settle in rural Denmark — RT Viral

Wolves may be making a comeback in rural Denmark after at least five of the creatures were found to have settled in the west of the country.Peter Sunde, a prominent zoologist from Aarhus University, claims to have obtained DNA evidence that not only proves wolves have returned to the west Jutland region, but that one female has travelled over 500km (310 miles) from Germany to settle there.“We expect that they will have cubs this year or the next,” said Sunde, speaking to AFP.“People were very surprised when wolves first appeared in Denmark but they are highly mobile and are just as adaptable to cultural landscapes as foxes are. The only problem historically is that we killed them.”

Source: Great migration: Female wolf found to have travelled 500km to settle in rural Denmark — RT Viral

Denmark has its first wolf pack – The Post

May 3rd, 2017 1:55 pm| by Christian WFacebooktwittergoogle_pluspinterestmail Since the first wolf of recent times was documented in Denmark in late 2012, there has been much speculation about the number of wolves and whether any cubs have been born.Well, it’s official now. Denmark has its first pack. DNA from two faeces samples now confirms that a female wolf has indeed settled in west Jutland, and if she doesn’t already have cubs, it’s only a matter of time before she will.

Source: Denmark has its first wolf pack – The Post