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Montana / Idaho / Wyoming / Utah / Colorado

Wolves in State & National Parks and Protected Areas in Wyoming
Yellowstone National park

Gray Wolf (Canis lupus)
Northwestern Gray Wolf (Canis lupus occidentalis)
Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf (Canis lupus irremotus)
haqihana (Arapaho)

Population Statistics  328 (end of 2015), est. 286 (2019)

Legal Status; managed by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service under the Endangered Species Act as of September 23 (2014), State managed (2017)

Wyoming Game and Fish Department  – Wolves in Wyoming 
2007 – Wind River Reservation’s Wolf Management Plan
Learn More About Wolves and Wyoming’s Laws and Regulations

Wyoming Organizations
Wyoming Untrapped (Jackson, Wyoming)
Wyoming Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit (Laramie, Wyoming)
International Wolf Center – Wyoming

Wyoming News Resources & Publications
Jackson Hole News & Guide (Jackson, Wyoming)
Pinedale Online (Pinedale, Wyoming)
Yellowstone National Park


Wolf and Wildlife News from Wyoming

Journal Articles

Wolves in Wyoming: the quest for common ground. Watters RE, Anderson AC, Clark SG. Large carnivore conservation: Integrating science and policy in the North American West. 2014 May


Drawing on six case studies of wolf, grizzly bear, and mountain lion conservation in habitats stretching from the Yukon to Arizona, Large Carnivore Conservation argues that conserving and coexisting with large carnivores is as much a problem of people and governance—of reconciling diverse and sometimes conflicting values, perspectives, and organizations, and of effective decision making in the public sphere—as it is a problem of animal ecology and behavior.

By adopting an integrative approach, editors Susan G. Clark and Murray B. Rutherford seek to examine and understand the interrelated development…

Attitudes of interest groups in Wyoming toward wolf restoration in Yellowstone National Park.Bath AJ, Buchanan T. Bath AJ, Buchanan T. Wildlife Society Bulletin (1973-2006). 1989 Dec


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