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Southwest United States / Mexico

Arizona / New Mexico / Texas / Colorado / Mexico

 Mexican Gray Wolf (Canis lupus baileyi)
maicoh (Navajo), tasha (Caddo), lobo (Spanish)

Population Statistics  58 in a shared population of 109 with New Mexico (2015), 64 (2019)

Legal Status; Federal protection under ESA, with some exceptions.

US Fish and Wildlife Service (Mexican Gray Wolf Recovery Program)
Arizona Game and Fish

Lobos of the Southwest
Grand Canyon Wolf Recovery Project (Flagstaff, Arizona)
Center for Biological Diversity (Multi-State, Tucson, Arizona)
Wild Earth Guardians (Tucson,AZ; Denver, CO; Missoula, MT; Santa Fe, NM; Portland, OR)
Wildlands Network (Seattle,WA; Durham, NC; Essex, NY; Washington DC; Portal, AZ)
Western Watersheds Project (Tucson, AZ; Reseda, Ca; Boise, ID; Missoula, MT; Portland, OR; Pindale, WY)

Arizona News Resources & Publications
Grand Canyon News (Williams, Arizona)
AZ Central (Phoenix, Arizona)
Arizona Daily Star (Tucson, Arizona)
KNAU Arizona Public Radio (Flagstaff, Arizona)


Wolf and Wildlife News from Arizona

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