Gray Wolf (Canis lupus) New World

Gray Wolf (Canis lupus)

The categories listed here based on taxonomy are listed so for the sake of geography and the interest of the regions that wolves inhabit. Taxonomy is just nomenclature, which is a human construct and should only be taking as spatiotemporal description – not definition.


Arctic Wolf (Canis lupus arctos)  – (Pockock 1935)
Mexican Wolf (Canis lupus baileyi ) – (Nelson and Goldman 1929)
Great Plains Wolf (Canis lupus nubilus) – (Say 1823)
Northern Rocky Mountain Wolf (Canis lupus irremotus) – (Goldman 1937)
Labrador Wolf (Canis lupus labradorius) – (Goldman 1937)
Alexander Archipelago Wolf (Canis lupus ligoni) – (Goldman 1937)
-syn. British Columbia Wolf (Canis lupus columbianus) – (Goldman 1941)
-syn. Vancouver Island Wolf (Canis lupus crassodon) – (Hall 1932)
Northwestern Wolf (Canis lupus occidentalis) – (Richardson 1829)
-syn. Hudson Bay Wolf (Canis lupus hudsonicus) – (Goldman 1941)
-syn. Mackenzie River Wolf (Canis lupus mackenzii) – (Anderson 1943)
-syn. Yukon Wolf (Canis lupus pambasileus) – (Elliot 1905)
-syn. Alaskan tundra Wolf (Canis lupus tundrarum) – (Miller 1912)
Baffin Island Wolf (Canis lupus manningi) – (Anderson 1943)
Greenland Wolf (Canis lupus orion) – (Pocock 1935)
Eastern Wolf – Algonquin Wolf (Canis lycaon, Canis lupus lycaon) – (Schreber 1775)

Extinct New World Subspecies

Manitoba Wolf (Canis lupus griseoalbus) – (Baird 1858)
Kenai Peninsula Wolf (Canis lupus alces) – (Goldman 1941)
Newfoundland Wolf (Canis lupus beothucus)- (G. M. Allen and Barbour, 1937)
Bernard’s Wolf (Canis lupus bernardi) – (Anderson 1943)
Cascade Mountain Wolf (Canis lupus fuscus)- (Richardson 1839)
Mogollon mountain Wolf (Canis lupus mogollonensis)- (Goldman 1937)
Texas Wolf (Canis lupus monstrabilis)- (Goldman 1937)
Southern Rocky Mountain Wolf (Canis lupus youngi) – (Goldman 1937)