By Meera Bhardwaj

BENGALURU: Here is some good news for wildlife conservation in these difficult times. The Indian grey wolf has been sighted and recorded for the first time in Chamarajanagara district. A Schedule-1 Species under WPA 1972, the grey wolf is also listed as an endangered species in Appendix-1 of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).

Wildlife biologist Sanjay Gubbi of Nature Conservation Foundation and his team, comprising Sandesh Appu Naik, Girish M N, Gnanendra, Poornesha HC, managed to capture a photograph while camera-trapping leopards on April 7.

According to Gubbi, this is possibly the first time they have got photographic evidence of the presence of wolves in the district. “Previous studies in Cauvery and MM Hills Wildlife Sanctuaries, and BRT and Bandipur Tiger Reserves did not document the Indian grey wolf. These wolves are found in isolated patches in North Karnataka

via Rare grey wolf sighted in Chamarajanagara- The New Indian Express