A gray wolf pictured in a forest.

After an absence of more than 100 years, the iconic gray wolf may have returned to northern France.

According to the French Biodiversity Office, an animal closely resembling one was captured in images taken by an automatic surveillance camera. The very wolf-like creature was traveling alone in the middle of the night on April 8 near the northeast village of Londinières.

The French Biodiversity Office, a government agency that monitors the country’s wolf population, claims to have “authenticated this observation as very probably being a grey wolf.”

“The photo was analyzed by several people experienced in the identification of the wolf and who concluded that there was a high probability,” a spokesperson from the agency tells Newsweek. “However, it cannot 100 percent be said it is a wolf. Only DNA analysis on biological material would remove doubts.”

via The first gray wolf in more than 100 years may have returned to northern France | MNN – Mother Nature Network