Gray wolf OR-7, the patriarch of the Rogue Pack and darling of wildlife lovers during his well-documented search for a mate but later sullied his reputation as a prolific livestock killer here, may be no more.

The wolf — perhaps the most famous in the world this past decade — was not documented during the winter count conducted by state and federal biologists, though his mate was present with three other wolves, according to Oregon’s newly released wolf report for 2019.

OR-7 would be 11 years old, and he was photographed last October by a trail camera, but wolf biologists were not optimistic that he was just somehow overlooked in winter counts.

“It is unknown if OR-7 has died, but it would be reasonable to assume considering his age, which is old for a wolf in the wild,” said Roblyn Brown, wolf coordinator for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and author of the report. “It is natural for packs to change over time as individual wolves are born, disperse or die.”

via Infamous Southern Oregon wolf OR-7 presumed dead | Mail Tribune