Residents of villages near Jhargram caught an Indian Wolf on Thursday morning after the animal had attacked four men and as many women.The animal was taken to Jhargram Zoo Hospital to ascertain whether any injury has made it aggressive.The injured have been admitted to Jhargram District Hospital. They are from Shimuldanga, Ghritakham, Jarulia and Kundaldihi villages, all of which are located in dense forests.A 30-year-old man from Jamboni, Lalmohan Soren, died two months ago after a wolf mauled his neck. It could not be verified whether the animal that was caught on Thursday was the one that had killed Lalmohan.“Indian Wolves are at times spotted in Jhargram forests. It appears the adult male that was caught today entered the villages in search of food. Local people caught the animal after it attacked a goat at Kendashole village,” an official in the forest department said. “The wolf was not part of the pack that was roaming the area.”

Source: Wolf caught in Bengal’s Jhargram