Staqeya’s appearance on British Columbia’s Discovery Island was so improbable that authorities initially assumed locals were mistaking free-roaming dogs for a wolf. After all, the Chatham-Discovery archipelago – partly Songhees land, partly a provincial park and other government-owned acreage – lies just off the most built-up corner of Vancouver Island: metro Victoria, home to nearly 400,000 people. The closest known wolves roam some 20 to 30 miles west of the city.It’s not clear why or how Staqeya navigated greater Victoria to the shores of Oak Bay and beyond, but wolf is what the shaggy beast of Discovery Island turned out to be. In the spring of 2012, residents reported a roving canid around Elk Lake to the north of the city; in May, he was seen at Albert Head to the southwest. At some point soon after, he disembarked for the Chatham-Discovery Islands, though from where exactly is unclear.

Source: The solitary, island-hopping wolf at the edge of the Salish Sea | backyard-wildlife | Earth Touch News