The “Judas Wolf”; British Columbia

In the practice of wolf culling a “Judas Wolf” is a wolf that is radio collared and kept alive year after year in order to lead helicopter snipers to the collared wolves newly formed packs for the purpose of killing the rest of the pack.

The Wildlife Defense League believes that the British Columbia government is using a “Judas Wolf” in their yearly wolf cull that they deem necessary to protect Canada’s caribou population. Conservationists contend that the reported decline in Caribou is attributed to human encroachment on the habitat in the form of logging, industry and recreational use.

The government of British Columbia will spend over two million dollars of tax payer funds to kill several hundred wolves in the South Peace and South Selkirk regions of BC. A spokesperson for the BC Forests, Lands and Natural Resources confirmed the use and tracking of collared wolves but denied the use of a “Judas Wolf.“ Bighorn Helicopters carries out the cull and in the last decade in responsible for the deaths of over a thousand wolves.

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