Imnaha Alpha Male Aug. 11, 2010
Image: ODFW

In the state of Oregon, as of November 2015, Wolves east of Oregon Highways 395/78/95 are de-listed from protection under the Endangered Species Act and Wolves west of the given highways still afford federal protection under the ESA. The eastern Oregon de-listed Wolves are managed under Phase II guidelines as defined in the Oregon Wolf Conservation and Management Plan (Wolf Plan) in the East Wolf Management Zone (WMZ). The 2015 minimum wolf population in Oregon was 110 Wolves, a 36% increase from 2014. A pack of Wolves, as defined by ODFW for monitoring purposes, is four or more Wolves “traveling together in winter.”

The Imnaha Wolf Pack as of the 2015 Annual Report numbered eight wolves with established territory in the east WMZ. Pack Summary courtesy of ODFW; “Two radio-collared male wolves dispersed and the breeding male’s (OR4) collar failed during the year. Limited observations were made of the pack after reproduction was confirmed. However, the pack grew to 8 wolves and was counted as a breeding pair. The pack used an area of 428 mi2 and 73% of the pack’s location data points occurred on public land.”

via Oregon Wolf Conservation and Management 2015 Annual Report

Collared Wolf OR-33, a black male, who in January of this year was spotted in Klamath County in southern Oregon dispersed from the Imnaha Pack. Collared Wolf OR-7, (the first wolf spotted in Oregon west of the Cascades and in California) named Journey was also from the Imnaha Pack, but has since formed a new pack referred to as the Rogue Pack.