Wolf 1084M

By Mike Koshmrl

As recently as last fall, the animal that’s making headlines as the first Colorado wolf in four years was wandering one of the most remote and wild landscapes left in the Lower 48 states.

It was the closing days of October when a pilot contracted by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department pinged 1084M with his Snake River Pack mates in the willow complex not far from Hawk’s Rest, a craggy mountain overlooking the Upper Yellowstone River that’s famous for its location — as far as one can get from a road in the Lower 48.

The 3-year-old black male lobo with a still-functional tracking collar then headed east over the vast, rugged Absaroka Range, entering the winter in the South Fork of the Shoshone River drainage.

via 1084M was a Thorofare wolf | Local | jhnewsandguide.com