By Lester Graham

Gray wolves were protected by the federal government, but those protections were removed during the Trump administration.
Credit Courtesy: Michigan Department of Natural Resources

A group opposed to wolf hunting in Michigan has sued the Department of Natural Resources. The lawsuit claims appointments to the Wolf Management Advisory Council are heavily in favor of wolf hunting in Michigan.

“The appointments to the council are clearly stacked in the favor of wolf hunting – and don’t get me wrong, wolf hunters have a voice too – but this is grossly in favor of wolf hunters,” said Karol Miller, President of the wolf advocacy group The 06 Legacy.

“The director has the Wolf Management Advisory Council stacked with people who represent or are wolf hunters or represent wolf hunting and trapping interests,” Miller added.

The Wolf Management Advisory Council is limited to making recommendations to the DNR.

The DNR has no comment about the lawsuit.

The lawsuit claims, among other things, that appointing the Michigan United Conservation Clubs as the representative for conservation groups was wrong because the suit argues it’s actually a second hunters group appointed to the council. (See the members here.)

The Michigan United Conservation Clubs disputes the lawsuit’s contention that it’s not a conservation group.

“Hunters and anglers are the first and foremost conservationists,” said Nick Green, the public information officer for the group.

He says MUCC has followed the conservation guidelines of the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation for a century

“It’s brought species back from (near) extinction and it’s primarily funded by hunters and anglers,” Green said.

He added conservation efforts in Michigan are mostly funded by hunting and fishing licenses.

The group favors a wolf hunting and trapping season.

via Wolf advocacy group sues Michigan DNR | NPR