By Times News Service

Muscat: Have you ever heard about the Wolves Valley in Oman?

Dhofar Governorate-based photographer Mohammod Al Ma’shani spoke exclusively to Times of Oman, ”The Valley of Wolves is one of valleys in Dhofar Governorate which is home to different wild animals. The name ‘Valley of Wolves’ comes because of the presence of a large number of Arabian Wolves in the area.”

He added, ”The Arabian wolves live in mountainous area with streams, trees and caves. It is an area unknown to everyone. I can not mention the exact location of the valley for fear that they may draw the attention of hunters and poachers.”

He said also, ”They are considered as one of the smartest and fastest wild animals, and they have high levels of strength, endurance and skill in climbing mountains and plateaus, and they feed on the meat of other animals.”

“The male and female Arabian wolves can be differentiated by their colour, the male ones are black, while the female ones are golden,” he added.

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