Lobo Week is set for the end of the month

By Susy Castillo

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — Some of the newest members of the El Paso Zoo are five Mexican Wolves. They came just in time to celebrate Lobo Week at the end of the month.

Zookeepers said they came from the Phoenix Zoo as part of the Species Survival Plan (SSP) program to help repopulate the Mexican wolves.

“We built this exhibit with the intention of actually breeding and joining the cross-fostering program that the SSP is a part of,” said Natasha Bretz, supervisor of the Chihuahuan Desert Area at the El Paso Zoo. “We have seen mom and dad successfully breeding, so we are super hopeful that we are going to have puppies this year.”

The El Paso Zoo is inviting everyone to participate in Lobo Week at the end of the month so people can learn about the large animals.

“Normally we do everything here for kids to make masks and talk to people to learn about the wolves. But you can print off your own wolf mask at home. You can paint it, color it and wear it around,” said Bretz. “You’ll get a page of facts about the wolves and how they are not scary. Everyone thinks they are big bad wolves and they are not. They are big scaredy cats most of the time. It’s just going to be a fun informative weekend where you’ll get to meet keepers and talk to education staff.”

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