A US conservationist who has concentrated his efforts on wolves believes a recent decline in woodland caribou in Labrador is causing wolves to look to the island for a food source.

John Glowa, president and founder of the Maine Wolf Coalition says he’s been watching the situation in Newfoundland closely since a genetic Labrador wolf was shot on the Bonavista Peninsula back in 2012.

Since then a total of five Labrador wolves and 13 wolf-coyote hybrids have been confirmed on the island through DNA tests on carcasses.

Glowa says the George River caribou herd in northern Labrador has seen dramatic declines in recent years and the woodland caribou in southern Labrador is ecologically extinct while moose populations on the coast of Labrador are growing.

He suspects the wolves are moving from inland Labrador to the coast and are crossing the ice to the island, something he believes has been happening for many years.

Glowa says wolves are a sign of a healthy ecosystem and they’re nothing for people to be afraid of since they tend to keep to themselves.

via Conservationist Believes Caribou Decline Behind Migration of Wolves to Newfoundland | VOCM