Photo by Saskatchewan Boreal Wolf Project

By Blaise Wozniak

Most people in Moose Jaw may be surprised to hear this, but it’s not uncommon for farmers, ranchers, or outdoor enthusiasts to spot wolves in the rural area surrounding Moose Jaw.

We received word from hunters during the last weekend of mule deer season who were concerned after spotting a wolf while only a few minutes south of Moose Jaw. While it’s not common to see a full pack in the area, seeing a single or pair of wolves isn’t unusual.

Executive Director of the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation Darrell Crabbe says the presence of wolves shouldn’t be anything to be worried about.

“That’s not unheard of at all, it probably happens a lot more than anybody sees. They follow those valleys like Cypress Hills down in the southwest, and the Qu’Appelle system is also a great conduit for wildlife to move.”

Much like cougar sitings in Moose Jaw, the carnivores make their way a bit further south than usual while following food in the winter months.

Residents within Moose Jaw may find it a bit jarring to spot one so close to the city, but Crabbe says farmers and ranchers in the area have been dealing with them for years.

“Ranchers have always been very good at taking care of themselves and their animals. Long-time ranchers in our area probably have lots of stories about wolves and cougars and everything else. I don’t think its anything new for them, I think it’s just new for someone who may not be in rural areas all the time.”

Crabbe says there are programs in place to deal with wolves if they become a nuisance to farmers or ranchers.

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