Marshall Helmberger

REGIONAL— A new survey commissioned by the Department of Natural Resources finds that Minnesotans agree by a wide margin that it is important to maintain Minnesota’s gray wolf population. The survey, which found results in line with previous surveys, sampled attitudes from more 9,000 Minnesotans representing three distinct groups, including average residents, Minnesotans who hunt deer, and livestock producers living in wolf country. The survey found considerable differences between the three groups.
Among Minnesotans in general, nearly 70 percent (68.8) expressed a positive view of gray wolves in Minnesota, compared to 19.6 percent who expressed a negative view.
That result stood in sharp contrast with livestock producers in wolf country, among whom just 31.6 percent expressed a positive view of wolves, while 62.2 percent expressed a negative opinion. Among deer hunters, perceptions were more evenly split, with 39 percent expressing support for wolves, while 51.5 percent had a negative view of the state’s top predator.

via DNR survey finds mixed views on gray wolves | The Timberjay