After years of dead ends — and dead cows — Birdseye was getting what he hoped would finally solve his wolf problems: a fence.

Mill-Mar Ranch is 275 acres of mostly flat pasture about 3,000 feet up in the southern Oregon Cascades. Birdseye runs a herd of about 200 cows, and for the past few years, he’s had bad luck with wolves.

The Rogue Pack, and its famous founding wolf OR-7, dens in the hills above Birdseye’s ranch. Over the past two years, the wolves have killed eight of his cows and two of his dogs. During that time, no other rancher in the state has as many confirmed losses to wolves.

The fence is an extreme solution to this problem — Birdseye is the first in the state to try it. But the rancher has exhausted the other nonlethal methods of deterring the Rogue Pack.

via Southern Oregon rancher builds fences and bridges to keep wolves at bay; Wolves have killed eight cattle over two years