Anti-wolf activists howl in Oslo again

“We have to take out more young wolves, to get down to the number of wolves the Parliament has agreed upon,” insisted Erling Aas-Eng, leader of Hedmark Bondelag, the farmers’ organization and lobby group in Hedmark County, to state broadcaster on Tuesday. “We can’t have uncontrolled growth (of the wolf population) in the wolf zone.”He was referring to the areas that were supposed to be set aside as conservation zones to protect Norway’s wolf population. Two wolves were shot last week in the zone around the popular ski resorts at Trysil in eastern Hedmark County. It was the first time the government has allowed wolves to be killed in a wolf zone, setting off protests from those striving to protect wolves, but that hasn’t pleased or satisfied Aas-Eng and others who still feel threatened by the roughly 65 wolves now believed to roaming in Norway.

Source: Anti-wolf activists howl in Oslo again

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