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A new plan announced by the government represents a rise of nearly 40% in the wolf population.After being eradicated by hunters in the 1930s, the wolf made its way back into France from Italy in the 1990s.Wolves are listed as a protected species by the Bern Convention that France has signed up to. France on alert for prowling wolves Wolf hunters deployed to French Alps Wolf makes a comeback in FranceAnimal rights groups had been pushing for a more radical proposal and accused ministers of lacking political courage.In a gesture to farmers, the government said that hunters in France would still be allowed to cull 40 wolves this year, the same as in 2017. Up to 10% of the wolf population could be culled every year from 2019, and that proportion could rise to 12% if more frequent wolf attacks were registered.Almost 12,000 sheep were killed by wolves in France in 2017 and the government has come under strong pressure from farmers in French regions – particularly in the Alps and the Pyrenees.

Source: France to let wolf population grow despite farmers’ fears – BBC News