Idaho F&G Commission unanimously rejects wolf-baiting, at least for now | The Spokesman-Review

Gray wolf (Dawn Villella / AP/File)Washington wolves

Lethal action is being taken on another wolf pack associated with livestock attacks in northeastern Washington, the state Fish and Wildlife Department announced Friday afternoon.Wolves in the Sherman Pack have repeatedly preyed on livestock in Ferry County during the past two months, wildlife managers said in a news release.Jim Unsworth, department director, has authorized field staff to kill one or more members of the Sherman Pack, which has been involved in four documented livestock predations since mid-June despite preventive efforts by the producer, the agency said.In a unanimous vote, the Idaho Fish and Game Commission has rejected the idea of allowing hunters to bait wolves, at least for now. A large majority of the public comments the Idaho Department of Fish and Game received on the proposal opposed baiting.Commissioner Jerry Meyers says he would like more information about wolf baiting before moving ahead with any plan, the AP reported.“I would like to have time to think about the rule,” he told fellow commissioners, “to decide which areas and to what extent.” Commissioners noted they could revisit the idea in the future.Andrea Santarsiere, a senior attorney for the Center for Biological Diversity who is based in Victor, Idaho, applauded the decision. “In our view, baiting is unethical and unsportsmanlike, and we’re glad to hear that the commission listened to the public’s opinion on this issue,” she said. “Idaho already has a lot of tools in the toolbox to kill wolves, so we didn’t think it was necessary to add baiting to that list. … We’re just really glad the proposal was shot down by the commission, and we’ll be watching in case it surfaces again.”

Source: Idaho F&G Commission unanimously rejects wolf-baiting, at least for now | The Spokesman-Review

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