WILDLIFE WATCHING — For the second consecutive year, a Spokane man’s motion-activated trail camera has captured images of a wolf in Mount Spokane State Park, confirming sightings of wolves and wolf tracks that nordic skiers have been reporting with more frequency for several years.The image above was captured at 11:58 a.m. on March 30 by a trail cam set up by Hank Seipp of Western Wildlife Conservation. Seipp said he just retrieved the images this week “because I don’t ski.” Most of the snow has finally melted. The camera was set up just outside of the downhill ski area, he said.Seipp, who put out a trail cam that photographed a darker wolf last summer near the nordic trails, also snapped recent photos of tracks in the mud and scats almost surely from wolves. Rumors of wolf pups showing up this year have been circulating but no confirmation has been made.

Source: Photo: Wolf roams Mount Spokane State Park ski area | The Spokesman-Review