Ranchers in northeastern Washington state can turn out their cattle to graze on the Colville National Forest June 1. Last year a statewide battle broke out over how best to manage wolves and cattle together.In the end, half of one wolf pack was shot from a helicopter and some ranchers received death threats.Aaron Scotten’s family has lived in northeastern Washington for five generations After retiring from the military, he came back to start ranching and to “try to live a quieter life.”“And that didn’t happen because of all the wolf issues,” Scotten said.Scotten is also a contract Ranger Rider for the state of Washington. He spends the summer on horseback checking grazing allotments on the Colville National Forest for signs of wolf predation on cattle.Last summer, he watched the Profanity Peak wolf pack kill and injure cattle there. That’s why the Department of Fish and Wildlife shot more than half the wolf pack from a helicopter.

Source: Ranchers, Range Riders Brace For Another Grazing Season Among Wolves | KLCC