25 miles southeast of Jackson Wyoming, the USFW Service have started to aerial hunt the Dell Creek wolf pack of 16. So far, 5 wolves from the pack have been gunned down by aerial sharpshooters. The wolves have been accused of 9 livestock depredations on newborn and yearling calves. In Wyoming, the grey wolf is protected under Endangered Species Act (as of September 2014), managed by the USFW Service and cannot be hunted in the state on ground.
As of 2014, the wolf population has been at least 195 wolves in at least 34 packs existing outside Yellowstone National Park.
Mike Jimenez, USFW Service Northern Rockies wolf coordinator said:

“There’s been nine, possibly 10 livestock depredations by that pack. There’s been a couple that have been newborns, but most of them have been large 400- to 500-pound calves from last year. When packs do that and they do that over and over again, we’ll probably remove that pack.
I won’t sugarcoat it or anything. We’ll remove that entire pack.”