Isle Royale (Michigan)

Michigan / Minnesota / Wisconsin / Illinois / Indiana / Nebraska / North Dakota / South Dakota / Iowa

Gray Wolf (Canis lupus)
Great Plains Wolf (Canis lupus nubilus)?

Ecology:  Moose (Alces alces),

Population Statistics   [2 on Isle Royale (April 2016)]

Legal Status; Endangered, federally protected. (as of December 19, 2014), National Park Service deciding about future existence of population.

Isle Royale National Park
US Fish and Wildlife Service (Gray Wolves in the Western Great Lakes)
Michigan Department of Natural Resources

Wolves & Moose of Isle Royale
Keep Michigan Wolves Protected (Lansing, Michigan)

Michigan News Resources & Publications
The Detroit News (Detroit, Michigan)
Detroit Free Press (Detroit, Michigan)
MLive (Michigan)
Great Lakes Echo (Michigan State University)
Upper Michigans Source (Negaunee, Michigan)


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