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Alpine mountain goat “ibex” (Capra ibex)

Distribution, status, and recent population dynamics of Alpine ibex Capra ibex in Europe. Brambilla A, Von Hardenberg A, Nelli L, Bassano B. Mammal Review. 2020 Apr
(“Our model estimated that there were a total of 55297 Alpine ibex in the Alps in 2015 (lower 95% credible interval [CrI]: 51157; upper 95% CrI: 62710). The total number of individuals appears to have increased slightly over the last 10 years from the 47000‐51000 estimated in previous reports. Positive population trends were observed in Switzerland and Italy, while no trend was apparent in France. For Austria, Germany, and Slovenia, there were insufficient data to estimate a trend.”)

Genetic epidemiology of the Alpine ibex reservoir of persistent and virulent brucellosis outbreak. Quéméré E, Rossi S, Petit E, Marchand P, Merlet J, Game Y, Galan M, Gilot-Fromont E.Scientific reports. 2020 Mar

Purging of highly deleterious mutations through severe bottlenecks in Alpine ibex. Grossen C, Guillaume F, Keller LF, Croll D. Nature communications. 2020 Feb

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