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Whole mitochondrial genomes illuminate ancient intercontinental dispersals of grey wolves (Canis lupus); Stephan Koblmüller1,2, Carles Vilà1, Belen Lorente-Galdos3, Marc Dabad3, Oscar Ramirez3, Tomas Marques-Bonet3, Robert K. Wayne4 andJennifer A. Leonard1, Journal of Biogeography: 22 JUN 2016

Ecosystem context and historical contingency in apex predator recoveries;
Adrian C. Stier1,2,*, Jameal F. Samhouri3, Mark Novak4, Kristin N. Marshall3, Eric J. Ward3, Robert D. Holt5 and Phillip S. Levin3; CONSERVATION ECOLOGY; Science Advances 27 May 2016: Vol. 2, no. 5, e1501769

Implications of Harvest on the Boundaries of Protected Areas for Large Carnivore Viewing Opportunities; Bridget L. Borg ,Stephen M. Arthur,Nicholas A. Bromen,Kira A. Cassidy, Rick McIntyre, Douglas W. Smith,Laura R. Prugh; PLOS
Published: April 28, 2016

A Regional Landscape Analysis and Prediction of Favorable Gray Wolf Habitat in the Northern Great Lakes Region; David J. Mladenoff1,*, Theodore A. Sickley1, Robert G. Haight2 and Adrian P. Wydeven3; Conservation Biology, Volume 9, Issue 2, pages 279–294, April 1995

Mitochondrial DNA Variability of the Gray Wolf: Genetic Consequences of Population Decline and Habitat Fragmentation; Robert K. Wayne, Niles Lehman*, Marc W. Allard and Rodney L. Honeycutt; Conservation Biology; Volume 6, Issue 4, pages 559–569, December 1992

DNA profiles of the eastern Canadian wolf and the red wolf provide evidence for a common evolutionary history independent of the gray wolf; Paul J Wilson, Sonya Grewal, Ian D Lawford, Jennifer NM Heal, Angela G Granacki, David Pennock, John B Theberge, Mary T Theberge, Dennis R Voigt, Will Waddell, Robert E Chambers, Paul C Paquet, Gloria Goulet, Dean Cluff, Bradley N White; Canadian Journal of Zoology, 2000

Conservation Genetics of the Endangered Isle Royale Gray Wolf; R. K. WAYNE1,*, N. LEHMAN1, D. GIRMAN1, P.J.P. GOGAN2, D. A. GILBERT3, K. HANSEN1, R. O. PETERSON4, U. S. SEAL5, A. EISENHAWER6, L. D. MECH7 andR.J. KRUMENAKER8; Conservation Biology; Volume 5, Issue 1, pages 41–51, March 1991

White-tailed Deer (Odocoileus virginianus) fawn risk from Gray Wolf (Canis lupus) predation during summer; L. David Mech, Aaron Morris, Shannon Barber-Meyer; The Canadian Field-Naturalist; Vol 129, No 4 (2015)

Native prey distribution and migration mediates wolf (Canis lupus) predation on domestic livestock in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem; Abigail A. Nelson,*a M.J. Kauffman,ab A.D. Middleton,acd M.D. Jimenez,e D.E. McWhirter,f K. Gerowg; Canadian Journal of Zoology, 2016,

Decades of population genetic research reveal the need for harmonization of molecular markers: the grey wolf Canis lupus as a case study; G. Arjen de Groot1,†,*, Carsten Nowak2, Tomaž Skrbinšek3, Liselotte W. Andersen4, Jouni Aspi5, Luca Fumagalli6, Raquel Godinho7,8,9, Verena Harms2, Hugh A.H. Jansman1, Olof Liberg10, Francesca Marucco11, Robert W. Mysłajek12, Sabina Nowak13, Małgorzata Pilot14, Ettore Randi15,16, Ilka Reinhardt17, Wojciech Śmietana18, Maciej Szewczyk12, Pierre Taberlet19,20, Carles Vilà21 andVioleta Muñoz-Fuentes2,†; Mammal Review Volume 46, Issue 1, pages 44–59, January 2016

Social play in captive wolves (Canis lupus): not only an immature affair; Author: Giada Cordoni1 Source: Behaviour, Volume 146, Issue 10, pages 1363 – 1385 Publication Year : 2009

Male and Female Partner Preferences in a Captive Wolf Pack (Canis Lupus) : Specificity Versus Spread of Sexual Attention; Authors: Ruud R.W.M. Derix1 and Jan A.R.A.M. Van Hooff1 Source: Behaviour, Volume 132, Issue 1, pages 127 – 149 Publication Year : 1995

Oocyte and ovary morphological observation of gray wolf (Canis lupus); Authors: Feng-Yin Li1; Yong Tao1; Fu-Gui Fang1; Yun-Sheng Li1; Yun-Hai Zhang1; Zhi-Zhong Zhang2 and Xu-Guang Liu1; Source: Animal Biology, Volume 60, Issue 3, pages 249 – 257 Publication Year : 2010

Denning behaviour and movement pattern during summer of wolves Canis lupus on the ; Scandinavian Peninsula; Ann-Catrine AlfredÈen; Examensarbete
i ‰mnet naturvÂrdsbiologi 20 pong ;2006

Rescue of a severely bottlenecked wolf (Canis lupus) population by a single immigrant; Carles Vilà, Anna–Karin Sundqvist, Øystein Flagstad, Jennifer Seddon, Susanne Bjö rnerfeldt, Ilpo Kojola, Adriano Casulli, Håkan Sand, Petter Wabakken, Hans Ellegren; Proceedings of the Royal Society B; Published 7 January 2003

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