Journal Articles -Biology


The importance of fieldwork over predictive modeling in quantifying predation events of carnivores marked with GPS technology; LM Elbroch, B Lowrey, HU Wittmer – Journal of Mammalogy, December 27 2017

Changes in future potential distributions of apex predator and mesopredator mammals in North America; R Pandey, M Papeş – Regional Environmental Change, 2017

Genomic consequences of intensive inbreeding in an isolated wolf population
Ø Flagstad, C Wikenros, H Sand, H Ellegren, M Kardos… – Nature Ecology & Evolution, April  14 2017

Potential role of wolf (Canis lupus) as passive carrier of European brown hare syndrome virus (EBHSV); M Irene, S Vittorio, R Serena, SB Sanchez, E Carella… – Research in Veterinary …, 2017

Prey cortisol affects the usefulness of fecal glucocorticoid metabolite concentration as an indicator of stress in a carnivore;RS McDonald, JD Roth, WG Anderson – Canadian Jour nal of Zoology, 2017

Studies of wolf x coyote hybridization via artificial insemination. LD Mech, CS Asa, M Callahan, BW Christensen… – PloS one, 2017

[HTML] Surrogate hosts: Hunting dogs and recolonizing grey wolves share their endoparasites; I Lesniak, M Franz, I Heckmann, AD Greenwood… – International Journal for …, 7 September 2017

Fear or food-abundance of red fox in relation to occurrence of lynx and wolf.; C Wikenros, M Aronsson, O Liberg, A Jarnemo… – Scientific reports, 22 August 2017