YAKIMA, Wash. — The search for wolves in Washington now extends into the south Cascades and Yakima County.Washington Department of Fish and 
 Wildlife officials haven’t yet
 confirmed a sighting in this region,
 but statewide wolf specialist Ben
 Maletzke believes it could 
 happen soon. He’s eager
 to investigate citizen
 reports of lone wolves
 in the Cowiche area as
 well as the Nile Basin 
 north of Yakima, and 
 he encouraged others 
 to share any evidence
 they might find.
 Those efforts from
 staff and the general
 public play a key
 role in gathering information for the agency’s
 annual report, which
 attempts to track wolf behavior and provide population estimates that guide policy decisions. Work began in earnest at the start of 2019, and Maletzke said results should be finalized by the end of March.

Source: Is there a lone wolf in the Yakima Valley? Researcher wants to know | Local | yakimaherald.com