Baffin Island Wolf

Facts about Baffin Island Wolfs. “Scientific name for Baffin Island Wolf is Canis lupus manningi”. The Baffin Island Wolf is a sub variety of Gray Wolf that belongs to the genus Canis of the Canidae family. The Baffin Island Wolf can be commonly called the Baffin Island Tundra wolf and they mostly survive on the Baffin Island and on a number of nearby islands. Until 1943, the Baffin Island wolf breed was not officially acknowledged as a sub variety, where it was given its taxonomic categorization by the State of Anderson. Early reports and proofs suggest that the Baffin Island Wolves migrated in western Greenland from Baffin Island, and hence, they are the successors of the subspecies of the Baffin Island Wolf. The Baffin Island Wolf is categorized as an endangered animal, owing to home obliteration, like the rainforest, introduction of disease, exotic species, water contamination, global warming and excessive use of natural resources.

Source: Baffin Island Wolf – Knowledge Base

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